Majica Phillips (°1975, Mendocino, United States)


I am a Northern California girl, raised on the coast with the freedom to explore my surroundings and inner landscape.

I have always found solace and processed my work in the form of self-expression. I have danced, acted, sang, and made art to feel alive.

Now, I create art in all mediums. My art studio has everything imaginable from clay to wax encaustics. I am currently enjoying my intuitive painting process using acrylics on canvas. I am also enjoying traveling the world dancing 5 Rhythms, a mediative intuitive dance process created by Gabrielle Roth.

I create art (with canvas, my body, and my voice) to dive deep into the work of my soul. I use those tools as a transformative outlet for my pain, joy, and everything in between.

My very first memory of being a little girl, is painting. Paintbrush in hand, palette in the other, and standing up and painting on our front door. Both of my biological parents were artists, and I am sure I was influenced by their daily practice. Today I make art to survive; It is like breathing for me. I lean on it as a meditative practice. A place to see and be seen. A place to listen deeper for messages. It was interesting to grow up in an artists’ home, as it wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that I called myself an artist. I would call myself “creative”. It was a pivotal moment when I painted a watercolor self-portrait as a final project for a class in the last semester of college. When I saw it magically appear, I got a deep sense in my belly that I was an artist. Me. The daughter of the artists. It was a loud “Ah, Ha” moment. I have never looked back. It wasn’t until I graduated college before I took a college level art class.

I dabble in many mediums. Throughout my adulthood I have danced with many, adjusting to lifestyle changes, and living situations. When I had small children, I used sewing as my art, as it was an easy one to create with them around me. I have spent time with ceramics, encaustics, collage, photography, theater, choir, dance and even make-up. I still love to use all those mediums, but most recently I found acrylic paints and began creating with my intuition, not from imagery.

This intuitive painting, painting from the life and energy from Source, from the Mystery, from the Divine Feminine has lead me down a path of deep knowing of myself. I now use this type of art making as a deep meditation. There is a process of listening and leaning it that allows me to really tune in to a message deep inside of myself and to the Divine.

This type of creating, along with some other inspirations, has changed my life. Really listening to Her, to the canvas, to Me, to Divine I was able to tune in. When I tuned into all these things I became more alive. More conscious. More awakened. Eyes wide open. This allowed me to face many of my deep fears head on, and change my life. I believe this can happen for you too if you allow yourself to listen, and submit to your intuitive process.

When I paint and when I dance and find freedom. It’s like I step into a magical world where time doesn’t exist and I get to dance with Goddesses and Fairies, and feel passion, grief, and ecstasy. There have been moments of tears and moments of laughter and joy! I keep listening. I leave my expectations at the door, and I listen to the Divine.