It is my invitation to you to begin to listen, deeply, to your intuition.

Creating art while listening to the Divine, the Mystery, Source, Spirit, will guide you on an amazing journey. Likely, any one can move through the stages and steps of painting, but to listen intuitively to source, intuition, and our higher feminine power the gifts received can be insurmountable. You will not be asked to create a painting like mine, or anyone else; it will come from your own heart. Creating this way will set the stage for going deeper, listening, and setting intentions to explore and receive the messages that spirit has to offer.

Reaching deeply into your truth, standing in your fear about if you are an artist, if you can paint, if you are worthy of the messages being received. I will stand with you on this journey and we will explore together the Mystery of what life has in store for you.

Welcome Home.

Goddess of Flight

Watch the Process: Goddess of Flight